NAME: LouLou Malibu
OCCUPATION: Artist, Singer, Songwriter

Born in Sweden, based in Los Angeles.
LouLou has performed at some of Hollywood most renowned venues such as the “The House of Blues”, “Whiskey@GoGo”, “Viper Room”, “Five o’ Four” and “The Mint” as well as some of Los Angeles largest nightclubs, such as “Playhouse”, “The Colony” and “Supper Club”.

Before moving to Los Angeles, she attended an international private school in Sweden, while she kept busy with piano and dance lessons. She was writing songs and playing classical pieces by Beethoven and Bach at the young age of 6 and performed as a backup-singer/dancer for other artists in Sweden in her teens.

When she moved to Los Angeles, to pursue her dreams as an artist, she quickly tied strong connections in Hollywood and started to generate a “buzz” amongst the elite and recognition for her craft.

Today she has written and co-produced numerous songs with other artists, producers and DJs from all over the world and her vocals have been featured on several records.

She is currently working with new sounds, always looking to collaborate with other artists and producers. She is continuously writing songs to perfect her craft. Live performances have taken a back seat, as her focus shifted to her love and passion for songwriting.

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